A performance made at the Freud Museum, London, as part of the ‘Totemic Festival’ celebrating the centenary of Freud’s seminal work ‘Totem and Taboo’. CAUSA is a response to Freud’s writings on Omnipotence of thought and magical thinking in connection to neurosis.

Freud positions the capacity to affect reality through thought as a belief inherent in animistic thought and belief systems where there exists no distinct division between internal and external reality. He observed this also in patients suffering from obsessive neurosis, where the same kind of magical thinking occurs as a symptom founded on superstitious ideas, and as a way of explanation of past events, rather than on belief.
The action lasts as long as the wheel spins, this might or might not happen depending on my state of mind, some days it works with the least effort and some days it doesn’t work at all, as the neurotic is “….only affected by what is thought with intensity and pictured with emotion whereas agreement with external reality is a matter of no importance.” Sigmund Freud

CAUSA looks at the affect of emotion based intention on mass and poses the question: how far can one’s unconscious aims create or modify reality?

5th-7th July 2013, as part of  Totemic Festival Freud Museum London