Der Tastsinn

The U-Bahn in Berlin has a singular poetic aura because two Berlins existed and because it travelled under a border that separated two worlds. The trains ran from the west under the eastern side, slowing down as they went through the stations but never stopping to let passangers on or off, only the names of these inaccessible places alluded to the surface geography and to a removed history above. Marc Auge’ writes that “certain places existonly in the words that evoke them”, in this sense they are imaginary places or zones ofsuspension. The bubbles attempt to pass like ghosts through the wall but  inevitably collapse on inpact, sliding down the white tiles, leaving behind a residual trace, others float off intersecting my isolated breath with the passers by; perhaps popping on the back of an involuntaty participant.

This performance took place at Spittelmarkt a station on the U2 line of the U-Bahn in whatwas formerly East Berlin.

28/05/13 during Month of Performance Art – Berlin