Liz Zumin is a London based artist working across performance, visual art and writing. Her work is rooted in a longstanding interest in contagion, voice hearing and suggestion incipient in things such as an object or photograph as well as in past or present rituals and kinships. She regards these things as conversations contingent with the past, likening them to the disruption of the static interference of a radio frequency over a pre-existent frequency – her work considers how we listen and interpret these conversations and how they generate in the individual or group at a neurological, chemical and anatomical level.
Liz Zumin has presented experimental works varying from performance, video, sound, drawing and text-based work at various exhibitions and festivals both in the UK and abroad. She is a contributor at Burning House Press. Her first collection of writings ‘Faith in Ghosts’ will be published by ZenoPress in 2019.